REACH (Remote Electronic Access & Control - Hands Free)

REACH is an ECU (Environmental Control Unit) that will allow you to control dozens of products in your home independently without the help of a nurse or caretaker. This can all be done by touching a screen, or completely hands-free by moving a body part, or simply speaking a command. Control: Televisions, Cable/Satellite Receivers, Stereos, CD/DVD Players, Overhead Lighting, Floor Lamps, Ceiling Fans, Floor Fans, Telephones, Electric Beds, Nurse Call Systems, Doors, Blinds, & More! REACH is different than many other EADLs (electronic aids to daily living), providing a screen so that you can actually see all the commands available rather than memorizing the entire menu. You can also use a large variety of input methods to control the REACH system. These methods include touch screen, voice recognition, head tracking, eye Tracking, & switch scanning (which will allow you to control the system using the slightest of movement in just about any body part).