IR Hands Free Video Intercom
With Wireless ECU Interface & Switch Interface

The IR Hands Free Video Intercom can be controlled wirelessly by the ECU. The Intercom can also be controlled by plugging in your choice of assistive switches. Hands-free (VOX) feature allows you to talk freely without having to constantly press a switch or select a button on the ECU.

   - Hands-free (VOX)
   - ECU Interface
   - Switch Interface
   - High Res color LCD Monitor

Price $1,345.00

IR Telephone

The IR Telephone is a speaker phone that can be controlled by the ECU. Hands-free infrared telephone featuring a 100 name directory, speed dialing, VIP calling, internal answering machine and 50 personalized and recordable communication phrases for safety and convenience.

   - Crystal clear sound
   - Connects to analog line
   - Large illuminated display
   - Keypad

Price $1,395.00
5/1/14 IR Library Update - Right Click, Save As"seroupdate.dat"

IR Tower Fan

The IR Fan can be controlled wireless by the ECU. Turn on/off the fresh air ioniser, oscillate and change the speed right from the ECU.

   - Fresh Air Ionizer
   - Convenient Electronic Timer
   - 3 Quiet Speeds
   - Multi-Function Remote Control
   - Oscillation

Price $195.00

Door Opener

Open and close an interior or exterior door from the ECU. This package will release and open a locked (or unlocked) door, pause for entrance or exit, close automatically, and then return the door to its locked position. If you would like to extend the time the door is open, you can do so by activating the door button again. The door will stay open as long as you like. To close the door, simply activate the door button once again.

   - Motor
   - Motorized Latch
   - Back-Up Battery
   - Hand Held Remote
   - Cables & Power Adapter
   - Mounting Hardware
   - Instructions

Price $2,600.00

Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds can be raised, lowered and tilted through the ECU.
They are available in 1/2" and 1" aluminum slats and your choice of color. Automation allows all blinds to tilt at the same degree, maintaining the uniformity of the room. Each blind can be controlled individually, as sub groups, and all at once.

   - Motorized Blinds
   - Your Choice of Color
   - IR Receiver
   - Relay Board
   - Mounting Hardware
   - Instructions

Estimated Price $1,402.00
Prices are subject to change.